Learn to draw any animal in easy and simple way with the step by step Arabian leopard drawing lesson for kids.

Did You Know? Learning to see shapes and lines and to use them in drawing, help kids pay attention to little details around us, that distinguishes shapes in objects. Practicing these concepts is known to help improve memory, grasp complex math concepts, and even problem solving skills in young children.

Draw Arabian Leopard Balloon Drawing for Kids

If you’re familiar with the art of balloon twisting, then you would probably know how fond kids are of these cute interesting shapes of animals, birds, crown, swords, fancy hats and various other things that are made out of twisting balloons.

It really fascinates me when I see kids going crazy over these during the birthday parties.

I had in my mind to include something with balloons with my preschoolers during pandemic online learning last year. Though I wasn’t sure if it was right for their age. But I was amazed at how interested they where to use basic shapes in creating some balloon animals. Either drawing them or making some out of clay with proper guidance.

It’s amazing, that kids have great imagination and they are willing to use them at any given time.

I planned to do it again this time however for a slightly higher age group.

It’s fun making balloon animals and its faster and easier to draw them. Kids learn about using shapes to create complex topics in a simpler way. And then you can even customize these with your own elements by adding a different background or change their expressions. Even use the shapes to create your own unique animal.

Today’s topic is something that I have been wanting to make since February 10 this year, the day officially recognized as the Arabian leopard day. The Arabian leopards (technically known as the Panthera pardus Nimr) also known as Al Nimr Al Arabi in Arabic is a critically endangered animal, which means that there are only about 200 or lesser Arabian Leopards left in the wild and the species is on the verge of extinction from our ecosystem.

The Wadi Wurayah National Park in Fujairah, UAE is known to be one of the protected mountain areas used for the conservation of the Arabian leopards and other such endangered animals in the Arabian Peninsula.

Materials You Need Today:

  1. One A4 Sheet paper.
  2. Pencil to draw.
  3. Marker to outline (optional).
  4. Something to colour with (of your choice).

1. Let’s begin by drawing a simple circle (not a perfect circle) more that looks, like the shape of a lemon.

arabian leopard drawing steps

2. Draw a smaller circle in the center like shown in step 2. Create another circle right below it. It would look more like the number 8. Notice how the circle below goes out of the line over lapping the bigger circle.

3. In step 3 lets draw the ears for our Arabian leopard using two circle shapes parallel to each other. Erase the lines marked red in the picture. We have the basic shape of the face ready now.

4. For the nose, we will draw two slanting lines inside the circle in the center. Connect it with the line that looks like the letter w to finish the mouth (Refer Step 4 in the above pic)

5. In this step we will add the details to the face. You can draw a sleeping leopard by drawing a curvy line for the eyes or even keep it open. Go on to add the whiskers on each side.

Arabian Leopard Balloon drawing kids

6. Now, lets add the neck to our animal. Draw a oval shape right below the face. Make sure its slightly bigger than the circle you drew for the mouth.

7. Draw a long oval shape (more like a rectangle with curvy corners) to make the body of the Arabian leopard. (Refer pic 7).

8. Draw three slanting lines below the leopard’s neck to draw the legs. Join the lines at the end by connecting the lines in a curve.

Steps for making a Arabian Leopard Balloon drawing

9. Similarly, we will follow the above step for making the hind legs. Notice how the slanting lines are drawn in the opposite direction in the reference pic.

10. Step 10 and 11 is to draw the tail.

Finish the drawing by adding lots of spots (rosettes) on your Arabian leopard.

What do you want your Arabian Leopard to do? Use your imagination and add a creative background that make your art more unique.

Arabian Leopard fun facts for kids :

  1. Arabian leopards are closely related to the African leopards. They are one of the smallest among the subspecies of leopards.
  2. These majestic cats are highly adaptable to a wide variety of habitats. Arabian leopards are native to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Israel and UAE.
  3. They weigh between 55 – 200 pounds (25 – 90 kilogram) and grow 3-6 feet long with a pale yellow to golden brown fur and group of nicely set black spots called rosettes.
  4. Their coat helps them camouflage from both their predators (lion, hyena) and their prey (Arabian gazelles, rodents, birds, snakes, lizards, hedgehogs and Arabian Oryx.
  5. They are nocturnal animal. With excellent night vision, great sense of hearing and smell and being natural hunters, they rest during the day and hunt at night.
  6. Being skilled climbers, they like to rest on trees during the day. They can carry a prey twice their size up the tree to protect from scavengers and eat them in peace.
  7. Lifespan up to 11 years in the wild and known to live double the age in zoos.
  8. Reason for extinction – human poaching, loss of habitat and prey.

How can kids help save the endangered animals?

Educate others. People are more likely to want to save animals if they know about them.

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  1. Great peace of information about Arabian Leopard. I will definitely try drawing myself and my daughter who loves drawing and colouring will make use of the instructions to improve her skills.

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